EUNOIA • Greek

[you – noy – ah] 

[n. a (pure) + (well-balanced) mind & (good) spirit]

Eunoia Therapeutics was created and designed  with the SOUL purpose of providing alternative, integrative & holistic therapeutic services that seek to treat the individual as a whole and provide the essential tools to empower, facilitate & maintain ones own mental + physical +  spiritual health.

Veronica, founder and creator of Eunoia Therapeutics + Eunoia Essentials obtained her Bachelors in Psychology at Florida State University and then went on to complete her Masters in Mental Heath Counseling with a specialization in Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis at Nova Southeastern University. She is certified in Meridian Energy Medicine as well as Facial Reflexology. Veronica has over 5 years of experience working with clients from young children to older adults in several areas of expertise, such as; Addiction, Anxiety, Autism, Depression, Divorce/Separation, Grief, Parent Trainings, PTSD,  and Trauma.

Veronica has always been ardent about understanding trauma, the subconscious + unconscious mind, and how it affects us all. When she embarked on this journey she began to learn and tie loose ends on how each emotion affects organs + mind + spirit which in turn manifest into physiological dis-eases. 

Through her passion of blending these practices together for a wholesome and more complete approach to treating individuals, she began her own research to design & create her very own healing tools. She made it her top priority to select materials that are essential to healing mind+body+spirit. This is how she came across the Terahertz, Black Bian, & Black Obsidian Stones, which today compose The Healing Wand, The Purifying Wand, & The Black Obsidian Eunoia Gua Sha tools. 

Eunoia Essentials is where Western Psychology meets + Traditional Chinese Medicine + Somatic Healing for a holistic & integrative approach to treating & healing the Self. 

The mission at Eunoia is to provide an educated and empowered healing experience, so that you may  understand  + process yourself, as well as your experiences. All while igniting and being in control of your healing journey.