The Services

Before you begin on the path of healing we must first evaluate and get a baseline by taking a holistic approach to assessing the body, mind & spirit. We will first go over a thorough health intake form that covers previous history and what physical + emotional symptoms you’re currently experiencing. Upon completion, you will receive the quantum facelift treatment and notes will be taken of what organs + areas are tender and out of balance so we can create an individually tailored treatment plan to follow throughout our next sessions together & practices to incorporate at home to promote empowered healing.



Sessions take on this approach to connect mind + body to apply psychotherapy with physical therapies. Somatic therapists believe a person’s inner feelings impact their physical form which brings forth the mind-body exercises to release pent-up trauma on all levels.


Scientific research has proven that, as humans, we store memories, experiences and emotions on a cellular level. Which means, it’s not “all in your head”; rather, our bodies hold data as well. This is why many people express a feelings of “body anxiety” even in the absence of anxious “thoughts”. It’s also why you may find yourself not feeling very safe in your own skin on certain occasions, times of year or in certain environments, even if there is no “apparent” reason. Often, your body is reminded of something {even when your mind does not} and this sends an alert, that causes your nervous system to go into fight or flight, or freeze state which triggers you physically and emotionally.

Quantum Flow

The Quantum Flow is a beauty treatment that goes skin deep. It activates your body’s natural ability to heal itself through stress relief and balancing your nervous system so you can see how good you can feel! All of your stress, pain, trauma and negative emotions show up on your face in one way or another. When you don’t feel good, you also don’t look good. When you balance your nervous system your true self shines through and you look radiant. Your nervous system responds to your emotions. When you are stuck in negative emotions like fear, sadness, grief, shame, trauma and anger, you draw in more situations involving these emotions. When you allow these emotions to float away, you draw in more acceptance, love, joy and peace. The Quantum Flow assists you in regulating your nervous system in order to release negative emotions and providing a state of physiological balance so that you can attract more positive feelings and positive experiences into your life.

This session starts off with aromatherapy, a hot towel massage on chest, neck and face, followed by a sequence of fascia release maneuvers with a Gua Sha Stone, chest and neck opening. We will then begin with the Quantum Flow Facial Reflexology protocol, and end with lymphatic drainage and a scalp massage.

Gua Sha contour & glow

No extractions are done.This session starts off with aromatherapy, a hot towel massage on chest, neck and face, followed by a sequence of fascia release maneuvers with a Gua Sha Stone on chest, upper back, arms, neck and face, ending with lymphatic drainage and a scalp massage.This is facial solely focuses on:

24k gold Ear seeding

This integrative treatment Based in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), ear seeds are a form of auriculotherapy, which uses acupressure points in the ear to stimulate body parts. Ear Seeds are commonly used to treat and even prevent conditions like anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, nausea, vomiting, substance abuse and gynecological and digestive disorders. The ear seed is like an acupuncture needle that you use to stimulate a channel to help a plethora of ailments, without needing to puncture the skin. So what exactly is an ear seed? They’re small latex stickers — about the size of a fingernail — that contain a 24k Gold seed. I will place each ear seed carefully on your ear in specific acupressure points that correspond with the conditions you’re experiencing.The ears reflect the condition of the internal organs, as there are more than 120 acupressure points in the ear.

Ear seeds, then, can be used to address a variety of health concerns, including:

-Acute pain.
-Chronic pain.
-Substance abuse.
-Weight issues.

Fun fact: The ears have a very close relationship with the nervous system which is key when seeking to heal, feel safe, grounded and centered.

This is a great treatment option post  any of your treatments, if you do not have the option to come as frequently as you would like, and/or are going on vacation and would like to continue enjoying the healing benefits.